Lesson Plans

Looking for a neat idea taking 1 or 2 lessons? Here are some good sources that might just be the right fit!

Dan Meyer’s Three-Act Math Tasks – Links to rich tasks, most with video teasers. Other teachers have also contributed.

MSTLTT: Math Science Resource – A collaboratively evaluated and assembled (and ever-growing!) collection of math and science education teaching resources centred around asking discussion-generating questions.

PhET – Interactive, research based physics simulations designed by the University of Colorado. Free. HUGE selection.

Maths300 – The top 300 integrated mathematics lessons across Australia. Requires a school subscription fee, but well worth it!

Gizmos – Interactive online simulations in science and math. 30 day trial, but subscription required afterwards.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – TONS of virtual manipulatives for math. Organized by grade and strand. Created by Utah State University.

Math Techniques and Strategies by Trevor Reeh – lots of vetted resources from someone “new to teaching.” I am unsure how often it is updated but many of the resources are quite good, so there’s likely something in there for a curious math teacher!

Further the discussion

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