Looking for inspiration? These are some of the big thinkers in education

Clint Hamada’s Blog – Tech Facilitator extraordinaire, if you’re grappling with issues in educational technology this is the place to go.

Dan Meyer’s Blog – great new ideas on mathematics education

Melissa Griffin’s Blog – amazing math teacher. Amazing! And when she’s done her year of travels, watch this space.

Jo Boaler – if you’re a math teacher and you haven’t read any of her stuff yet, you really should. On the page linked, scroll down and click “Recent Publications” – most should be downloadable on Adobe Reader.

Brent Davis – math education and collective learning guru – his work in complexity and education will change the way you think about learning in your classroom. Access his articles – most should be downloadable on Adobe Reader.

Angles of Reflection – John Benson and PJ Karafiol post their thoughts on this blog every week about mathematics, teaching and teaching mathematics. Practitioners of complex instruction.

Alec Couros’ Blog – musings from a Professor of Ed. Tech at U of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Also publishes the #etmooc Daily!

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin’s Blog – Science Education Professor at UBC. Her thoughts on Science and Mathematics Education

Adrienne Michetti’s Blog – International Educator and Design Consultant. Fantastic ideas here.

International Educators Top Stories – Publication by a group of International Educators. Check it out!

Between the Numbers – Blog by a mathematics teacher using complex instruction in their classroom.

Promise of Place – Place-based Education unit plans from teachers “in the field”. Great big ideas here!

UBC Orchard Garden – Exploring the garden (and place in general) as co-teacher. A Place-Based Education installation.

Rural Mathematics Education – collected research on rural math education done by ACCLAIM and AAMTE

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